Skill Suite Online Reservations is a online booking engine for hotels.

    Our engine is integrated into the website of the hotel , offering to direct customers a platform for real-time reservations .

    In addition , there are functions for booking travel agency through which the hotel authorizes agencies will give them access to their inventory of rooms or a defined allotment , streamlining and optimizing this way , processes reservations for agencies travel .

    We also have a payment platform , through which you can receive payments of any reservation already made by the booking engine or directly at the hotel for any of the channels that are available.

    Hotels that use our module Skill4 Frontdesk, have the ability to automatically synchronize the inventory of rooms available for sale , as well as reservations and payments that may be performed by our booking engine.

    We invite you to start using our tool.

    Skill4 IT Team


    •  Developed with the latest Web technologies (HTML 5.0) and compatible with any of the current browsers. (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox).
    •  Automatically adapts to mobile platforms, it can be accessed from smartphones, tablets, etc.
    •  E-mail notification at the reservation moment  are sent to client that performs the booking and to all Hotel e-mail addresses which are configured.
    •  Complete synchronization of the reserve with our Skill4 Frontdesk  module.
    •  Configuration Module  so the hotel can make all the customizations and configurations available.
    •  Personalization in a 100% on the header of the reservations page, thus making the customer who book feel as if you were on the website of the hotel.
    •  Possibility of booking several rooms on the same reservation, that several rooms can be of different categories and even on different dates.

    Our Current Customers